Fertilizing trees across Vancouver BC for optimal tree health

What Is The Significance Of Tree Fertilization?

Anything that grows necessitates certain nutrients to grow healthy. Trees are no different, they need nutrients for optimal growth. Our professional tree service team does what’s called deep root fertilization where we purposefully inject particular nutrients and minerals near the tree roots so they can be absorbed rapidly and efficiently.


How Do I Know If My Tree Needs Fertilizer?

Trees need nutrients and minerals not only to grow, but to thrive in the natural environment. There may be no need for fertilizer if the tree grows in a habitat ideal for growth. There are some things you can do to enhance the tree’s ultimate growth environment such as leaving the tree leaves and branches on the ground beside the tree to naturally decompose. In certain environments, like in the city, trees may still need fertilizer no matter what is done to help create a healthy tree habitat.


How Can We Help?

We care about trees. Trees are our passion. Tree fertilization begins the entire process of helping a tree thrive. We love helping trees and we can prove it from what our customers say about our services and the results. We will come to your location – anywhere in the Vancouver area to fertilize your trees. Our tree team is professional and extremely experienced. We will provide a free full assessment of the tree(s) and the surrounding soil. Next, we will diagnose and clearly communicate that information to you, along with next steps to get your tree(s) on the right path.

Vancouver trees do not only need just any fertilizer, but one that’s specialized for best results. With decades of knowledge and expertise, we have carefully developed and tested a tree fertilizer over and over again with proven results.



Advantages Of Deep Tree Root Fertilization:

Tree fertilizer can increase the growth rate of a tree, particularly when they are young

Young or newly planted trees benefit from fertilizer as they are establishing themselves in the environment

Fertilizing your tree can advance the color of the foliage

Fertilizing is often the first step to ward off pests. A healthy tree is better able to fight off pests and any pathogens

A well-fertilized tree can better withstand any storm, construction, or stress

Deep root tree fertilizing can correct any deficiencies in older trees

Tree fertilizing includes pH improvement in the soil which is important to support tree growth and health


The way that our tree specialists inject fertilizer and soil nutrients underground with pressure proves to be most beneficial. This unique process replenishes soil that needs minerals and nutrients and it aerates compacted soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach the deepest part of the root where absorption occurs.

If you have any questions about Fertilizing or any other tree service call us at (604) 229-8658 and one of our certified arborists would be happy to answer your questions.

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