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Tree Planting For Your Home

Make an investment for your Vancouver property and plant trees. Tree planting will enhance the beauty of your property.  Increase property value by adding the natural beauty of green luscious trees, or ones that simply compliment your home. Homes with healthy trees and greenery have much higher values than those with just grass or shrubs.

Remember that trees protect you! Trees produce oxygen and absorb destructive gases like carbon dioxide, airborne ammonia and others. Trees provide natural habitats for a wide variety of wildlife. Planting trees can provide advantages such as creating a barrier from strong winds while also limiting soil erosion and flooding during storms.

Trees help you save money! By hiring one of our Vancouver arborists to plant trees around your house, you can save you up to 30% in utility costs. Trees shelter your home from the outdoor elements: sun, rain, and wind. Trees can help you save on air-conditioning costs during the summer and reduce winter heating costs by trapping heated air, and protecting from cold winds.

Tree Planting For Businesses

We have built a reputation of being a reliable partner for large-scale tree planting projects for commercial and governmental projects.

There are countless benefits for an arborist in Vancouver to plant trees in commercial spaces. Trees bring natural beauty to any space, making it look more inviting. Tree planting around city streets are known to prolong the life of pavement while reducing glare for pedestrians and drivers. Drivers who drive on a street full of trees are known to have reduced stress levels, therefore it can be said that trees contribute to safe and pleasurable commuting.

Do not underestimate the advantage of trees as a filter of pollutants. Even just one line of trees planted beside the city street can help to eliminate up to 60% of the harmful gases from the air. In addition to acting as an air filter, city trees absorb as much as 50% of noise. With less noise there is less stress. To add to the list, trees help a city filter water, and increase the rate of groundwater recharge.

With all the benefits for both homeowners and businesses, it’s easy to conclude that trees are a major benefit for everyone.  Call the best arborists in Vancouver, BC and let’s get started on creating a relaxing, and naturally beautiful landscape with trees.

Make sure to keep your trees healthy by taking advantage of many tree services we offer including tree trimming, tree fertilization, general tree care, and more.

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