Providing Tree Removal Services To Vancouver BC

Our Vancouver BC Tree arborists at Van City Tree Removal have years of experience the tree removal service industry, the ability to remove any size tree in all locations is an area we specialize in. There are no jobs too big or small when it comes to Tree removal when working with us. At Vancouver BC tree removal service, what we offer is affordable, and our tree arborists are true professionals with the experience needed to provide top quality tree service.

​Needing full tree removal? Just the tree? Only the old stump? We will gladly help you with any of these tasks, just let us know when we can arrive!

Tree removal service you can count on is our number one priority, the job is an important one, there is zero room for error when removing a tree. We use a very specific process in all our tree removals and safety is of the utmost importance.

Whether the tree you need gone is next to your home just on the edge of your property line we will give you the exact details of what needs to be done and how long it will take for our tree removal team to finish the job.

We are proud to say we are the most efficient tree service in Vancouver BC, we’re also recognized for our craftmanship, workmanship, and professionalism.

Speaking with one of our many tree removal arborists or one of our representatives on the phone will give you the best idea on who we are and you will hear the passion in our voices! We love everything we do and we love helping the people of Vancouver BC. Loving our job makes it easy for us to offer the best tree removal service in Vancouver BC, call us today for a free consultation!

The Most Affordable Tree Removal Service In Vancouver BC!


The Cost of our Tree Removal service

The cost of your tree removal is something we get asked all the time, when speaking with one of our representatives telling us what kind of tree and your trees approximate height will give us a much clearer vision as to what the tree service will cost. All information is appreciated on the phone or in the comments section of our free quote form found on this page.

The best way to know the price to the exact cost is to have us come by for an estimate! Cheap tree removal service is something you won’t find, we offer the best prices in Vancouver BC and our certified arborists have the best experience to give you the best tree service in Vancouver BC. When we say cheap tree removal is something you won’t find is our way of informing you that the service can be costly depending on the tree removal job. Calling (814) 247 0732 and speaking with one of our professional arborists will show how affordable our tree removal service can be!

Some of The Reasons Why it Might Be Necessary to Remove Your Tree

We will do our best to trim your tree before it needs to be fully removed but we understand the urgency to have it removed as well. Storms sometimes create a hazardous environment in a prompt manner, with 24-hour emergency service we arrive quickly to assess the tree removal scenario and act immediately.

In most situations, trees have started to lean, and the weight of the tree is just too much. These trees are trees we will trim, and the removal process will take place thereafter. Often the tree has started rotting even though it continues to stand, sometimes you just need the extra space! We understand why your tree removal is needed and will do our best to serve your needs. Your satisfaction is super important to us, serving Vancouver BC is something we have dedicated our job to and we strive to create Friend for life relationships with our customers!



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