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We have been perfecting the art of tree trimming for over two decades. We are locally owned and operated and doing our best to offer our customers with top notch tree service workmanship. Affordable tree trimming brought to your home, we have the best pricing on in Vancouver BC; if you can find a company willing to do the job required for a better price please tell us and we will beat it, guaranteed!

Need to trim that tree that’s encroaching on your living room windows? How about the hedge in your front yard? Or the tree that is leaning onto the sidewalk? We will arrive on time and be ready to take fast action with any kind of tree service job.

Our licensed arborists have been practicing their tree skills for years and take pride in all tree trimming services we offer. When filling out our free quote form on this page or talking with one of our professional arborists give us the most accurate details on the job and that will help determine a more accurate quote for any of your tree service needs.

Trimming your tree is incredibly beneficial when looking at your tree as a whole. Regular tree maintenance will help with the long term health and growth of your tree. Removing and cutting dead and broken branches is one of the major solutions to aid in removal of the stunt of the trees growth. The curb appeal is obviously a major benefit with any tree trimming service but applying the correct technique to either stunt the growth or help the tree grow in to its potential is crucial when fulfilling your tree service needs.


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