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Property damage can result from extreme wintry conditions which have a massive negative impact on tree health. Property owners are responsible for taking all the necessary steps to protect their trees and to minimize the risks posed by winter conditions. When our arborists perform tree care work in winter it has many great benefits. We will explain the importance of winter care and explain to you exactly what tree care work needs to be done to help trees survive cold temperatures and extreme weather.


Winter Tree Care and Maintenance 

– Tree service from our arborists in the winter helps keep trees healthy and strong. Severe cold weather negatively affects health of trees. During the winter time, trees can be also attacked by hungry animals such as deer, rabbits and mice. Tree service from our expert arborists will help trees overcome challenges and survive winter. For young trees and newly planted trees winter tree care is particularly imperative.

– Winter tree service reduces the risk of tree and property damage. Winter can be a very challenging time for trees. Damage to trees during the winter season can be caused by snow storms, ice, and harsh winds. We often deal with issues like broken branches, split trunks, and even tree failure. If done correctly, winter tree care can help you prevent these kinds of problems from happening.

– Winter is a great time to do tree service. The fall is when the majority of trees shed their leaves. With little to no leaves in the winter, it’s easier for arborists to do inspections and find tree problems in winter months. Winter is an optimal time to do any tree pruning and/or tree removal work.  Even though tree pruning can be done anytime of the year, trees go dormant in the cold. This is ideal since it would be easier for trees to recover from extensive pruning when this type of work is done in dormant season.


Various Types Of Winter Tree Services

Tree inspection. First, you need to get your trees inspected. Qualified arborists will carefully examine all trees on your property and then give you advice on winter tree care.

Tree pruning. Safety has to be the number one priority for every property owner. Make sure that trees have zero branches and limbs over your house, car, walkways and driveways. In order to reduce property damage, ensure to cut off dead, broken, diseased, and weak branches. Tree pruning keeps their trees beautiful and healthy.

Tree removal. Dead trees and even living ones pose a threat as they fall down during severe winter storms. A falling tree may cause damage to people and property. Therefore, it would be best to have a problematic tree removed from your property ahead of time. Just call the best arborists in town – we’ll get the job done!

Tree wrapping. This type of tree service is done to protect trees from harsh winter winds. Also, wrapping will help you keep animals away from your trees.

Tree mulching.  You can also mulch your trees, if ground hasn’t frozen yet. Winter tree mulching offers several benefits to trees. Mulch is a great insulator that protects the tree’s roots from cold conditions. Also, mulch holds nutrients that a tree needs through out the cold winter months. Basically, when our arborists add a layer of mulch, the soil around trees will be heavily upgraded.

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